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Dador is a book of poems published by José Lezama Lima in 1960. After a silence of more than ten years, Lezama reappears in his native Havana, with this book. Here poetry and the effort of the poet are presented as a kind of gift. Here the “giver”, the person endowed with the grace of creation, intervenes in a world whose rules are also poetic.
In this new stage, the poet assumes a new role: that of Giver, the one who delivers. If before it was the poet who sought to possess, now the reverse process happens. The poet offers another beauty that does not lie precisely in the flow. Rather, it manifests itself in a kind of roughness in the transit of images, given by their non-contemplative but transformative character.
Giver is one of the attributes of the Holy Spirit, Giver of happiness, of supernature. The poet is also the Giver of access to the fullness of the image. Lezama lives a moment of illusion in a world in which, according to his beliefs, resurrection is achieved through poetry.
This circular vision of poetry, literary creation, and art unfolds in episodes of eroticized poetic prose such as the following:

“Three tables appear occupied by three teenagers wearing gold masks. On the first table, half purple and half yellow very muted, each of the three figures are heavily numb. At the dance steps, each of the masked men successively dances around his table, and then, describing semicircles and rapid lines, parades through the other two tables. Those on the second table may wear a phosphorescent blue with a red tropical fruit red. Those of the third table, white and an intermediate color, drizzle leaf green, perhaps. Behind the three tables, four senior figures in armor. The first figure, all must be of beautiful stature, as the tables are supposed to be occupied by gentility and adolescence, shows a heavy and very slow armor, beginning to dance between the three remaining figures of the second term. The masked men who occupied the first tables have become numb again.”

Giver, with his poems in prose and verse seems to follow a ritual. In this book another vigor is perceived in the lyrics of Lezama Lima. One has the feeling of attending a liturgy whose laws are those of poetry itself.

Reference edition: Ucar García y Cía, Havana, 1960.

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