Generals and Doctors

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499535975
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411266277
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788499539287

In Generals and Doctors (Generales and doctores) (1920) Carlos Loveira recounts the vicissitudes of a generation that grows up during the Cuban War of Independence and, after it, lives the gestation of the Republic of Cuba.
Fundamentalist Spaniards turned into landowners and doctors, Creoles who fervently believe in the birth of a new nation. Some chaste women and others voluptuous, coexist in a world, that after a bloody war, will see their dreams frustrated. Generals and Doctors is the story of how opportunism, ambition and naivety betrayed the ideals of Cuban emancipation.

«… Those doctors who in their lives have cured no sick person, nor defended a single lawsuit, and on account of the title everything is taken in collaboration with the generals … who have not fired a shot.”

The novel is about a young man, Ignacio García, a veteran of the War of Independence. After practicing his profession for ten years, he threw himself into politics, outraged by the atrocities of the Cuban government, and by idealism.
Fails; no one takes him seriously; Everyone makes fun of him. But he does not lose hope, and resolves that one day he will return to the Senate. In the meantime, he will educate his son healthily, avoiding the terrible education of false and hypocritical doctors.
According to some critics, Carlos Loveira is the writer who temperamentally most resembles Émile Zola in the entire American continent. Indeed, he writes with a mixed prose, but very precise in the nuances and details that build the backdrop of this book.
In parallel, the continuous defense of its ideological postulates prevails. In his works the most punished humanity is mixed with resentment and anguish.
Generals and Doctors is the story of how opportunism, ambition and naivety betrayed the republican ideals of Cuban emancipation.

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