General Fray Félix Aldao

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ISBN paperback: 9788498164664

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El general fray Félix Aldao is a portrait of the life of Félix Aldao, one of the great military figures of 19th century Argentina.
Félix Aldao had a courageous participation in the battle of Chacabuco, decisive in the emancipation of Chile. He later rose through the ranks of the military hierarchy.
Among the events he was involved in was the battle at Potreros de Hidalgo.
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento gives an accurate and thoughtful portrait of this historical character.
Below is an excerpt from El general fray Félix Aldao in which it is presented in its epic splendor.

It has been twenty-eight years since the scene I am about to describe took place. It was five o’clock in the afternoon of February 4, 1847, when the sun, still high in the sky, was casting its farewell rays in a dark and deep valley formed by the branches of the Andes mountain range. The Aconcagua river descends among them from hail to hail interrupting, with its murmurs, the silence of those alpine solitudes. The vanguard of Colonel Las Heras’ division, which was descending to Chile by the Uspallata road, walked silently along a broken path bristling with spikes. The Guardia Vieja could be seen in the depths of the valley like a feudal castle, abandoned in appearance, but hiding a Spanish detachment that saw the column of insurgents approaching in silence and ready for combat. Two discharges from behind the trenches started the day; one company of Hunters of No. 11 approached firing along the river bank up to twelve paces from the ramparts, while another paraded along the steep slopes of a hill to make all escape impossible. A moment later, the line troop was taking the parapets at the bayonet, and the Old Guard was presenting all the horrors of the assault. Thirty sabers could be seen in the border of this picture rising and falling in the air with the speed and brilliance of lightning; among these thirty mounted grenadiers commanded by Lieutenant José Aldao, and in the most entangled of the fray, a strange figure dressed in white, like a ghost, discharging sabers in all directions, with the fierceness and activity of an implacable warrior.

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