From the Bishop of Burgos

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Hernando del Pulgar was born around 1435 and died around 1493. There is no agreement on the location; some argue that it was Madrid or Toledo, and others Pulgar. He was educated at the court of John II of Castile and was at that of his successor Henry IV. The latter appointed him royal secretary, a position in which he continued with his sister, Isabella the Catholic, and to which he added that of councilor of state. A dispute with Torquemada, for his defense of Jewish converts who practiced Judaism in secret, relegated him to becoming a mere chronicler of the Spanish monarchy.

Don Alfonso de Sancta María, bishop of Burgos, was omme of good body, well composed in proportion to his members. He had a very reuerenda face and person.
He was a fixture of Don Pablo, bishop of Burgos, who made him his legitimate wife before he entered the ecclesiastical religion. This bishop Don Paul was of the lineage of the Jews, and so great a sage, that he was enlightened by the grace of the Holy Spirit, and increasing knowledge of the truth, he converted to our holy Catholic faith. This bishop Don Alfonso, his fixture, from his youth was raised in the church, and in a school of science, and was a great lawyer in canon law and ceuil. He was also a great natural philosopher. Fablaua very well and with good grace, çeçeaua a little, and his person was so reuerenda and of so much auctoridad, that in his presence all are honest, and none osaua dezir or fazer thing clumsy. He was already so accustomed to acts of virtue that he delighted in them. He was very clean in his person and in the clothes he brought, and the seruicio of his table and all the things that touch him face tract with great linpieza, and he greatly abhorred the ommes that were not linpios: because the ernior linpiece of the omme he dezed that it was some sign of the interior; But he understood little to understand the linpiece of the body and of the clothes and of the very beautiful garments and apparatuses, if the sincerity of the thoughts, and the linpiece of the works, were not achieved with it.
Among the scholars who were chosen to embark on a great council that was held in Basel, this bishop, being dean of Santiago, was one of those named whom King Don Juan ordered to go in that embaxada: in which, knowing his knowledge and the experience of his letters and clear customs, he won such great fame, that while in Rome, Pope Eugene proposed to him the bishopric of Burgos, which belonged to Bishop Don Pablo, his father. Placed in this dignity, he kept the precepts so well that, according to the sacred canons and decrees, he must keep the pearl, which was exemplo of life and doctrine to all the other pearls who were in his time.

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