From Madrid to Naples

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From Madrid to Naples is a great travel book. It narrates the itinerary indicated in the title, which led Pedro Antonio de Alarcón to travel through France, Switzerland and Italy. His meticulous descriptions of the everyday and the unusual have made this book a reference of this genre.

I. Marseilles
On August 29, 1860, at half past eight at night, I left Madrid on the mail train bound for Valencia, where I arrived the next day at twelve in the morning.
Valencia was for me an old acquaintance and even a friend if you want. On the other hand, I have already described it many times in prose and verse. So I will do this time what I did that day; that it was to enter through one door and leave through another, after having visa my passport at the consulate of France and having taken my passage on the steamer Philippe-Auguste, of the Imperial Couriers, which was to leave that afternoon for Marseilles.
At about five o’clock I found myself on board. I took possession of the cabin in which I was to live two days, and went up on deck to do what every well-born person does when he leaves his country: to look at it with eyes of love until I lose sight of it.
At six o’clock we weighed anchor and the steam was set in motion.
The sea was calm…, the Sun had sunk behind Cabo de la Nao… I thought about what you think and I felt what it feels like at similar times. I blessed with the intention of country, family and friends, and everything he left after me … and the bell called me to eat.
I shrugged and entered the aft saloon.
The French are always the same: logical and utilitarian; men of talent and materialistic talents. They have established this custom of sitting at table at the time of embarking on a navigation; Advantageous custom if any. This food prepares and comforts the body against seasickness, and distracts the soul from its melancholy farewells.

Reference edition: Madrid, Ediciones Fax, 1943.

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