Francisco de Miranda’s Travels

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788496428102

In February 1783, the Minister of the Indies sent from Madrid to Havana the order to arrest Francisco de Miranda. Aware of this, Miranda fled on June 1, 1783, to the United States. With that trip from Havana to New Jersey begin the Travels of Francisco de Miranda.
In the United States, Miranda passes through Charleston, Philadelphia and Boston, and deals with various characters of high society in evenings and walks.
During his time in the United States, Miranda met George Washington in Philadelphia, General Henry Knox, and Samuel Adams. In addition, he visited Princeton College and had a favorable impression.
On December 15, 1784, Miranda left Boston Harbor on the merchant ship Neptune bound for London. The trip lasted about 56 days. He arrived in England on 10 February 1785.
At the court of England, he was secretary to Colonel William Stephens Smith, the first U.S. ambassador to London. Miranda knew him from his time in New York.
Miranda and Colonel Smith decided to travel to Prussia to see the military maneuvers of King Frederick II the Great. James Penman took care of keeping his papers while he was traveling.
This volume ends in Rome, after passing through Venice.

Travel in Russia

12 May 1787
Moscow. I had a visit in the morning from the adjutant Mister Besin, lieutenant colonel in this service who meant that the marechál prevented him from crossing whatever I needed. He made me bring a four-cape sedan that costs 4 rubles daily. I went out at one o’clock to make visits, but the governor was not at home… I left him my letters and a bill, for neither I understand my servants, nor do they tend to me… after others I came home, found myself sawn and went to eat something at the house of the French Treteur at three, but I found that his D’hote table was already completed and that the company was not of the most select … I proposed that they give me some soup in a separate room, but there was no and they wanted to serve me in the same room where the whole indistinct company was s’il vous plait mister (he called me madame) il ne me plait pas, I answered, I took my car to go home to find a piece of ham that I had left from my travel provisions; which, with a little milk added by my servant, was all my food… Thus verifying the passage of three days without liking anything hot, except the tea that he used to drink every twenty-four hours; for it could not be found to eat at this time in the inns (my hospite the major did not doubt previous this case, counting perhaps that the general governor would invite me to eat, but this was not at home when I called). At five p.m. m. I took my car again and continued my visits leaving the letters (according to the attached note) and a ticket with the intention of going to the comedy at six, but it was late and I could not finish until eight dice. Or what a sprawling city this is! Well, the gardens, parks and voids that are in the middle are many. However, there are a large number of very good buildings and palaces built in Italian, French, English, Dutch &c taste and even in a peculiar taste, which conforms very little, with Greek and Roman. At nine o’clock I returned home fatigued, drank tea, read a little, &…

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