Fragments to their Magnet

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José Lezama Lima died on August 9, 1976, hours before Fragments to their Magnet (Fragmentos a su imán) left the press. His widow received a copy of this book when she arrived home after the poet’s burial.
Fragments to their Magnet is a collection of intimate poems, armed in a tension between the everyday and the transcendent; close and, in a way, colloquial; touched also by a melancholy humility and by the intimate feeling of the author that death hovered around him very closely.
The poems appear in chronological order, and open, in a disconcerting succession, a new route in Lezama’s poetry. It is stanzas like this, taken from the last poem of the book, that reveal a last Lezama, with a reborn poetic voice:

Being close to our surroundings
and close to our body,
The fixed idea that our soul
and its wrapping fit
in a small void in the wall
or on a tissue paper scraped with the fingernail.

Here, the poems are the last pieces of the puzzle that come to complete the entire poetic cosmos Lezamiano.
We are surprised by the remarkable decrease of poetic hermeticism and expressive complexity. Without abandoning the mystical and pantheistic impulse of his first period. This book seems to emerge from a closer biographical situation.
Lezama invokes two worlds in Fragments to their Magnet :

  • On the one hand, the battle for the daily life of the writer who feels isolated in Cuba at the time.
  • On the other, the family:
    • his mother,
    • María Luisa Bautista, his wife, to whom the notebook is dedicated,
    • his sister Eloísa Lezama Lima
  • and the friends to whom he dedicates poems that are almost farewell:
    • Fina Garcia Marruz,
    • Jose Triana,
    • Reinaldo Arenas,
    • Victor Manuel,
    • John David,
    • Virgilio Piñera,
    • Luis Martinez Pedro,
    • Reynaldo Gonzalez,
    • Octavio Paz
    • and Maria Zambrano.

In the opinion of Roberto Fernández Retamar Fragments to their Magnet opens a new route in Lezama’s poetry:

“He comes to show that his poetry was alive; that Lezama’s rhetoric had not been able to crush the genuine poet.”

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