Fragments of the Bible

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This translation of Fragments of the Bible, by Fray Luis de León, famous for his high poetic flights, includes:

  • The Book of Job
  • the Psalms
  • Solomon’s Proverbs
  • and the Song of Songs.

When his translation of the Song of Songs from Hebrew was disseminated in 1572, Fray Luis de León suffered imprisonment by the Inquisition.
He was accused of violating the prohibition of the Council of Trent and was imprisoned in the dungeons that the Holy Office had in Valladolid. The charges against him had to do with his predilection for the Hebrew Bible, rather than the Vulgate.
The following are some of the charges against him:

«In the city of Salamanca to ten and seven days of the month of December of mill and five hundred and seventy-one years, before the very magnificent and very Rdo. Mr. Master Francisco Sancho, commissioner of this Holy Office… He seemed to be called the very reverend father Fray Bartolomé de Medina, master in holy theologia, at the University of Salamanca… and among the things he testified in his saying, he said and declared against the master Fray Luis de León the following…
Item declared that he knows in the vulgar tongue the book of the Songs of Solomon, composed by the very Rev. Father Master Fray Luis de León, because this declarant has read it.
Item declared that in this University some teachers, notably Grajal y Martínez, and Fray Luis de León, in their paresceres and disputes take away some authority from the edition of the Vulgate, saying that a better one can be made and that it has many falsehoods…”

These fragments of the Bible had very harsh consequences in the life of Fray Luis de León. For five years he was isolated in a cell. Despite this, it was in prison that he wrote some of his best poems. In 1576 he was released from the process.
The phrase he pronounced on his return to the chair of Salamanca has become famous: «We said yesterday…» which indicates his inner triumph against the wickedness of his enemies.

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