Founding Constitutions of the United Provinces of Central America

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499535104
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411261067

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Central America of 1824 was promulgated by the Federal Republic formed by Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala on November 22, 1824. This republic disappeared in 1839 after the successive declarations of independence of the countries that integrated it.
Throughout its existence it promulgated the constitutions gathered here.

(22 November 1824)

In the name of the Supreme Being, Author of societies and Lawgiver of the Universe.

ASSEMBLED in the National Constituent Assembly, we, the representatives of the people of Central America, fulfilling their wishes and in use of their sovereign rights, decree the following Constitution to promote their happiness, to sustain them in the greatest possible enjoyment of their faculties, to strengthen the rights of man and of the citizen on the unalterable principles of liberty, equality, security and property; Establish public order and form a perfect federation.

Title I. Of the Nation and its territory
Section One. Of the Nation
Article 1. The people of the Federal Republic of Central America are sovereign and independent.
Article 2. It is essential to the sovereign and his first object the preservation of liberty, equality, security and property.
Article 3. The people of the Republic are all its inhabitants.
Article 4. They are obliged to obey and respect the law, to serve and defend the homeland with arms, and to contribute proportionately to public expenditures without any exemption or privilege.
Section Two. Of the territory
Article 5. The territory of the Republic is the same as that formerly comprised the ancient kingdom of Guatemala, except, for now, the province of Chiapas.

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