Founding Constitutions of Latin America

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This volume brings together the Founding Constitutions of Latin America (Constituciones fundacionales de Latinoamérica) promulgated throughout the nineteenth century, mostly for the purpose of declaring national independence. Successively, various territories of the American continent emancipated themselves from France, Spain and Portugal and reflected it in these texts.
Also one after the other defended different models of government: the empire, in the case of Haiti, and the republic, in most cases. The Founding Constitutions of Latin America are essential to understand how the current countries of Latin America were configured and the origins of their systems of government.

Index of the work

  • Draft Constitution for the Spanish-American Colonies, by Francisco de Miranda, 1798
  • Imperial Constitution of Haiti of 1805
  • Federal Constitution for the States of Venezuela, December 21, 1811
  • Act of Federation of the United Provinces of New Granada of 1811
  • Draft Constitution for the Island of Cuba, by Joaquín Infante, 1812
  • Paraguayan Constitution of 1813, also known as the Government Regulation of 1813
  • Constitutional Decree for the Freedom of Mexican America, Sanctioned in Apatzingán (October 22, 1814)
  • Draft Provisional Constitution for the State of Chile of 1818
  • Constitution of the United Provinces in South America, dictated on April 22, 1819 by the General Constituent Congress 1816-1820. Argentina
  • Constitution of the Republic of Colombia of 1821
  • Interim fundamental social pact of Costa Rica. December 1, 1821
  • Political Constitution of Peru of 1823
  • Constitution of the State of El Salvador (June 12, 1824)
  • Constitution of the Federal Republic of Central America given by the National Constituent Assembly on November 22, 1824
  • First Constitution of the State of Guatemala of 1825
  • Political Constitution of the State of Honduras given by its Constituent Assembly on December 11, 1825
  • Constitution of the State of Nicaragua of 1826
  • Bolivian Constitution of 1826
  • Constitution of Ecuador of 1830
  • Uruguayan Constitution of 1830
  • Constitution of the First Republic of Panama of 1840
  • Political Constitution of the Dominican Republic of 1844
  • Constitution of Guáimaro. Cuba, 1869
  • Proclamation of the Ten Commandments of the Free Men of Puerto Rico
  • Constitution of the Republic of the United States of Brazil. February 24, 1891

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