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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499536415
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411266581

In 1949 the Cuban writer Jorge Mañach thanked José Lezama Lima in a public letter for the gift of a copy of his book of poems La fijeza, published in

“those beautiful editions of the magazine Origins, which you have been directing for some years with heroism and prestige sumos”.

By then Lezama was already a figure in the Cuban literary panorama and claimed his plot in it, with its inherent particularities. His poetic system had also matured, which, in La fijeza reaches a splendor that will later be reinforced in his essays.
The title evokes the baroque of Luis de Góngora. Fixity is “the time that objects resist light,” says Lezama in reference to the Gongorino concept. In La fijeza he discusses the possibility, longed for by Lezama, of a verbal creation, in which the act of which causality is abolished. The poet is not satisfied with the contemplation of apparent reality, what the author wants to reflect is “the eternal enigmatic reverse of things”. Poems such as:

  • Rhapsody for the Mule
  • Death of Time
  • Procession
  • Tangencies
  • Ecstasy of the destroyed substance
  • Resistance

They are a step further on the road that Lezama travels. Here the author advances in his attempt to make poetry a system that reveals to us a new world, whose causality is that of poetic connections. Also, among other more hermetic poems, these stand out for the cadence with which the poet’s voice takes us to his world.

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