Exposition of the Book of Job

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Fray Luis de León began in prison the Exposition of the Book of Job (1583), with biographical features. He had been condemned by the Inquisition for translating the Song of Songs. He spent five years in prison and it was then that he wrote this book.
The Exposition of the Book of Job is a sum of the biblical and Augustinian traditions and Renaissance Neoplatonism. This work, moreover, shows a powerful mastery of the Spanish language, which in the opinion of Fray Luis was not “hard or poor, but wax for those who know how to treat it”.

Chapter I
1. A man went in the land of Hus, his name Job, and it was this simple and upright man, and a fearer of God and a dodger of evil.
2. And seven sons and three daughters were born unto him.
3. And his possession was seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred pairs of oxen, and five hundred donkeys, and much much family; and he was this great man above all the children of the East.
4. And their children went and feasted in each man’s house his day; and they sent and called their three sisters to eat and drink with them.
5. And it was so; when they turned around on the days of the banquet, he sent Job and sanctified them, and he rose early in the morning and raised offerings to the number of all. For Job said, If my children sinned in their own case, and blessed God in their hearts. So did Job continuously.
6. And there was one day and the children of God came, and Satan also came among them.
7. And God said to Satan, Where shall you come from? And Satan answered God, and said unto him, To fence in the earth and walk in it.
8. And God said to Satan, Fortunately did you set your heart upon my servant Job, who was not like him on earth, a simple man, and upright, and fearful of God, and a dodger of evil?
9. And Satan answered God, and said, By chance of vain does Job fear God?
10. By chance did you not put upon him, and upon his house, and upon all that belongs to him around; Did you bless his hands, and his possession grew in the earth?

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