Expedition to Algiers

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The Algiers Expedition is a diary of the Spanish invasion of Algiers in 1775. Its author, Carlos Gutiérrez de los Ríos, was the VII Count of Fernán-Núñez and held positions of relevance in the diplomatic service of Spain. Thus life and circumstances allowed him to be a privileged chronicler of the great events of the eighteenth century.
The expedition was a Spanish landing operation to attempt to take the city of Algiers in July 1775.
King Charles III had entrusted its conquest to Alexander O’Reilly, at the head of a combined force of naval and land troops of about fifty ships and more than twenty thousand soldiers.
The expedition to Algiers ended with a resounding failure and the campaign was a serious blow to the intended Spanish military resurgence. This book by Carlos Gutiérrez de los Ríos is the most complete writing of its time on the subject.

Diary of the expedition against Algiers with some reflections, composed by N… that was found in it

From May 25 to June 22
1. It was Cartagena point in which convoys were joined with troops, supplies, etc., belonging to the expedition, which were arriving from Barcelona, Coruña and Cádiz. Everything was already together on May 25, 1775; But from this day until June 22 he spent embarking battalions, squadrons and supplies, waiting for wind, and even more mainly in approving things that each day were happening as precise.

2. The number of troops and vessels destined for the enterprise is seen in a state (No. 1), of the instruments that will accompany this relationship, with the greatest distinction and individuality.

3. The captain general of Valencia caused the garrison of Cartagena to recognize the general of the expedition to His Excellency the Count of O’reylly, before arriving at that place the troops destined for the company, and although it seemed regular that these troops also knew their general, the truth is that they did not make him known until the bay of Algiers on July 1, as is stated in Order No. 2, where H.E. himself is recognized with all the other generals and aides-de-camp.

4. This did not get pregnant that from Cartagena everyone obeyed the Count of O’reylly. This gentleman, knowing, as Inspector General who is of all the infantry, the merit of the battalions and that of the officers, chose from among all the king’s army those whom he thought to be most purposeful to carry out his ideas. S. M. had given him all his faculties to carry with him the number of troops, officers and everything that seemed necessary or useful to the company. In consequence of this, by his disposition, all preparations were made in all departments.

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