Expedition of Catalans and Aragonese to the East

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Expedition of Catalans and Aragonese to the East against Turks and Greeks of Francisco de Moncada was printed in 1623, although the dedication is dated 1620. As a source he uses the Medieval Chronicle in Catalan by Ramón Muntaner, but takes into account various other national and Greek sources to assess the doubtful points. Moncada is a rigorous historian who contrasts sources, but also a skilled writer of elegant style and an attentive politician who knows how to use the past to draw consequences in the present. His style, on the other hand, seems to evoke Sallust and Livy.
The Expedition of Catalans and Aragonese to the East recounts the vicissitudes of the Great Catalan Company under the command of Roger de Flor, an army of light infantry formed by Aragonese and Catalan mercenaries, called almogavars, sent to Constantinople to help the Greeks fight against the Turks. The expedition was in 1300 at the siege of Messina. Roger de Flor also drew up the treaty between the Byzantine emperor and the Catalans and defended the city of Gallipoli from attack by the Genoese.

My intention is to write the memorable Expedition and Journey, which the Catalans and Aragonese made to the provinces of the Levant, when their fortune and value were competing in the increase of their power and esteem, called by Andronikos Palaiologos emperor of Greeks, in relief and defense of their empire and house. Favored and esteemed while the arms of the Turks had him almost oppressed, and he feared his doom and ruin; but after that by the effort of ours he was freed from them, badly treated and persecuted with great cruelty and barbarous fierceness; that there arose the natural obligation to look out for their defense and preservation, and the cause of turning their invincible forces against the Greeks themselves, and their prince Andronicus; which were so formidable, that they caused fear and astonishment to the greatest princes of Asia and Europe, perdition and total ruin to many nations and provinces, and admiration to the whole world. Work will be this, although small by the carelessness of the ancients, long in deeds, short in writing them, full of several and strange cases, of continuous wars in remote and remote regions with various warlike peoples and people, of bloody battles and unexpected victories, of dangerous conquests finished with happy end by so few and divided Catalans and Aragonese, who at first mocked those nations, and afterwards instruments of the great punishments which God made upon them. The Turks were defeated in the first increase of their Ottoman greatness, dispossessed of great and rich provinces of Asia Minor, and with the great force and rigor of our swords locked in the roughest and wildest of the mountains of Armenia.

Francisco de Moncada

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