Execration Against the Jews

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The Execration Against the Jews (Execración contra los judíos) is a text of radical racism. It was written by Francisco de Quevedo while serving as Philip IV’s secretary, apparently inspired by suspicions that certain members of the European Jewish community were financing forces adverse to the Spanish monarch.
Quevedo knew in detail everything that happened in court, through informants. He took advantage of a moment of tension and wrote this text in the form of a memorial, addressed to King Philip IV. In it he fervently calls for the definitive and radical expulsion of all Jews from Spain and demands the rupture of the seats signed with them.
In the Execration Quevedo accuses the Portuguese Jews, installed in Spain since the late sixteenth century. He claims that they desecrate the values of Christianity. He accuses them of using the position of some of them as bankers of the Crown to attack the Spanish economy and society. He also says that they act in alliance with the enemies of the king.
Here Portuguese Jews are seen as the very emblem of a set of values that Quevedo opposes. The author repudiates and accuses the Jews of supposed political Machiavellianism, materialism, disintegration of tradition and social strata.
This Execration is an interesting testimony of the forces in conflict during seventeenth-century Spain, immersed in the Thirty Years’ War.

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