Excerpt from Mutsun Grammar

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788498168792
Hardcover ISBN: 9788499538624

Excerpt from Mutsun Grammar (Extracto de la gramática mutsun) is a book by Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta that analyzes the language of the Mutsumis, an Indian community in which the mission of San Juan Bautista was established, on June 24, 1799, about 40 kilometers northwest of Monterrey, in the center of a fertile valley. By 1831 there were about 1,200. Philip presented himself at the mission of San Juan and collected the necessary information to write this Excerpt from Mutsun Grammar:

W. W. Turner stated in the Historical Review (vol. 1, p. 206.) that:

“The Mutsun language is clearly similar to Rumsen or Runsien, one of the two languages spoken in the mission of San Carlos, and with that of the mission of La Soledad, further south, it seems also related to the language of the Olhones Costanos of the Bay of San Francisco (…)”.

Chapter I. From the analogy, or parts of the sentence. Of the declensions of the noun
The Declensions of the noun nouns are as many as endings have the same Nouns: some end in es, like eyes; others in an, such as ánan; others in EC, such as Iréc; others in us, such as Rus; others in A, such as quarrel; others in it, like Mógel; others in AG, such as RAG; others in or, as a chorus; others in AR, such as Sacar; others in or, such as by; others in Oi, such as Jócoi; others in Ur, such as Juppur; others in OS, such as jórcos: and so other names with other endings irreducible for now to a certain number. But because they have so many, and so diverse endings, it does not cease to be possible to decline grammatically all the names that we call Nouns, although without articles, or pronominal sign el, la, lo, or hic, hæc, hoc, as it is said in Latin: for this reason in the nouns it is not put, nor is it said, eyes, the beard, but beard; anan, the mother, but mother; IREC, stone; rus, saliva; quarrel, mouse: mógel, cabeza; rag, louse; chorus, feet; Sacar, nit; by, flea; jocoi, scabies; juppur, divieso; and jorcos, pescuezo: because this language lacks our grammatical articles; and consequently of the masculine, feminine, and neuter genders.

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