Etymologies of the Breeds Names of the Philippines

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Etymologies of the Breeds Names of the Philippines (Etimologías de los nombres de razas de Filipinas) is a study by Trinidad Hermenegildo Pardo de Tavera on the etymologies of Tagalog, a native language of the Philippines.
Trinidad Hermenegildo José María Juan Francisco Pardo de Tavera y Gorricho (April 13, 1857-March 26, 1925) was a Filipino physician, historian and politician of Spanish and Portuguese descent. Trinidad became known for his writings on different aspects of Filipino culture.

“After the fable of the thousand and five hundred islands that make up the Philippine Archipelago, comes that of the “hundreds of races that in Babylonian confusion populate the islands,” as a geographical lyrical author who wrote about this country says. Omitting the rocks, rocks, insignificant islets, many without vegetation, others with only one species of birds and some insects as fauna, and most without a human being to inhabit them, remain, as inhabited islands and that only count, being the Philippines, a few from Luzon, which is the largest, to Cagayancillo, which is one of the tiniest. This is the case with the famous “races”, a pompous name whose meaning has been confused by applying it to political groupings that are not at all different from each other.
The most recent ethnographic studies have shown that the races that inhabit our archipelago are three, namely: Negritos, Indonesians and Malays. But from these races result not only several miscegenations but a great variety of tribes characterized mainly by the languages or, rather, Filipino dialects they speak. If we were to base ourselves on linguistic reasons for giving names to the different groups of men, the number of the so-called “Filipino races”, although quite grown, would not, however, reach the figure it reaches today and which Professor Blumentritt has had the patient task of compiling in a pamphlet in alphabetical order, published in Spanish. entitled ‘The Races of the Philippine Archipelago’.’

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