Essays by Pedro Henríquez Ureña

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490075111
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411266956

The Dominican writer Pedro Henríquez Ureña (1884-1946) is considered one of the most outstanding influences on Latin American culture of the last century. Among his major achievements is having been the founder of institutional education, a high-level teacher, an outstanding student and a sharp literary critic.
This selection of Essays by Pedro Henríquez Ureña contains, among others, the following texts:

  • Utopia of America,
  • Discontent and promise,
  • The influence of the revolution
  • and The Sociology of Hostos.

Here are some of them:

  • In Utopia of America Ureña considered the continent as a cultural project in which it is possible to define the identity of Latin America. At this point he was able to establish a clear relationship between regional cultures and Western culture.
  • In Discontent and Promise, the author begins by saying a triumphant phrase: “I will do great things: what they are I do not know.” The basic idea is the discontent of the new Latin American generation, against the previous one and the promise of renewal according to the new literary canons.
  • The influence of the revolution portrays the intellectual life of Mexico. It is worth emphasizing Ureña’s interest in Mexico’s two great movements of social transformation. After the independence of 1810; The first of these was the reform inspired by liberal principles, which covered the years from 1855 to 1867. The other movement is the so-called “Revolution”, which began in 1910 and culminated in 1920. In particular, Ureña analyzes this second movement and its extraordinary influence on Mexican intellectual life. It can be said that he had enormous influence on almost all social orders in the country.
  • Finally, in La Sociología de Hostos is an essay written in Havana, in which Henríquez Ureña shows his admiration for Eugenio María de Hostos. Thus, while he makes a veiled criticism of the situation in Latin America, he also points out the clairvoyance of Hostos to be among the first to introduce sociology in the teaching programs of the continent. In particular in the Normal School of Santo Domingo, with some notions written in the 1880s, for the Normal School of Santo Domingo.

These essays ended up being Hostos’ Treatise on Sociology .
The spiritual, political, existential and intellectual paths of Hostos and Pedro Henríquez Ureña are found here in a critical and moral historicity, patent and cardinal in their lives. Dedicated to refounding a cultural, educational and social space of subjects and works in contact and movement.
This is how we summarize this book of Essays by Pedro Henríquez Ureña, readers have this review as a starting point.

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