Essays by Enrique José Varona

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Enrique José Varona (1849-1933) was the main representative of positivism in Cuba. The positivist and liberal ideas serve Varona as an instrument of combat against Spanish colonial rule and in defense of freedom and bourgeois democracy.
After an initial self-taught training in disciplines such as literature, sociology, psychology and philosophy, and being already a public figure, he graduated and received his doctorate in Philosophy in 1891.
He had already published in the Revista de Cuba a series of philosophical articles, among which stand out “El Positivismo”, “La moral en la evolucion”, both of 1878 and “La metafísica en la Universidad de La Habana”, of 1880. Initially linked to the independence movement, he later joined the Autonomist Party and was elected deputy to the Cortes in 1884.
Attracted again by Martí to the independence cause, he directed the newspaper Patria from exile. During the U.S. occupation of Cuba he was appointed secretary of education initiating a reform of education. He later became president of the Conservative Party and became vice-president of the Republic in 1913.
Retired from all political activity, he worked on his chair of sociology at the university. For most of her intellectual life, Varona took positivist positions influenced by the ideas of Spencer and Stuart Mill. However, around 1912 his thinking was marked by skepticism. In his last years he condemned the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado.

When an unexpected renaissance fixes the attention of the studious men of Cuba on the great spectacle that speculative life represents in our days, when the advancing youth full of enthusiasm hears at every step talk of a modern science and a new philosophy that is based on it, asks for its methods and embraces and completes it; the appearance of a book of positive philosophy written by an eminent Cuban, which exhibits incontestable titles, inherited and acquired, of scientific competence, is an event of ample importance so that the Revista de Cuba does not devote benevolent attention and meticulous criticism to it.
To exercise it we go, without passion, but with firmness. We believe that we have assessed the social value of the profession that critics must play in an era that is pleased to invest itself in that title. Weighing and measuring other opinions establishes strict duties of fairness, moderation and good faith that counterbalance the rights we spontaneously take possession of. We will not miss them by our will, and in this case less than in any other, for very special circumstances. Mr. Poey has legitimately acquired a great reputation as a naturalist and meteorologist, and by presenting himself today as the maintainer of a philosophical doctrine he places himself in a field through which we have also passed.

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