Empty Utopia

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Empty Utopia is a fundamental anthology for understanding the complex relationships between intellectuals and power in Cuba, particularly in the context of the Cuban Revolution and its subsequent evolution. This compilation of essays analyzes the dynamics between the state and intellectuals, focusing on a critical event in Cuban cultural politics: the “Words to the Intellectuals” spoken by Fidel Castro in 1961.
The phrase “With the Revolution, everything; against the Revolution, nothing” became a motto that delimited the horizon of what was permissible in the island’s cultural realm, establishing a rigid boundary that intellectuals had to negotiate. The book gathers reflections from prominent Cuban essayists such as:

Carlos A. Aguilera,
Rafael Rojas,
Duanel Díaz,
Jesús Jambrina,
Víctor Fowler,
Iván de la Nuez,
Alessandra Molina,
Ernesto Hernández Busto
and Rolando Sánchez Mejías,

who provide diverse perspectives and critical analysis on the relationship between intellectual creation and the political-ideological framework imposed by the Revolution.
The essays compiled by Carlos A. Aguilera revisit past discourses and policies, and attempt to discern how intellectuals have navigated, resisted, or even collaborated with the system, illuminating the complexities and sometimes the contradictions inherent in the creative act under a regime that aims to be both patron and censor.
Empty Utopia offers a sharp and necessary critique of cultural policy in Cuba. It analyzes how revolutionary ideals collided with the reality of art and thought, and bears witness to the struggle for freedom of expression in a context where the promised utopia faced the pragmatic emptiness of its realization. It is a call for reflection on the role of the intellectual in society and on the nature of culture in a state that seeks to define and limit its expression.

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