Elisa the Malagueña

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Set in Spain in the third century of our era, Juan Valera describes his character as follows: “Elisa the Malagueña was not only gentle, or let’s say idolatrous, but a somewhat light and cheerful female, as befitted her trade, since she was of the kind and condition of the girls of Cadiz, which Anacreonte celebrates, and of the Teletusa of Betica, which Marcial praises. Elisa sang, danced and played the castanets”.

Firm friendship and eternal gratitude unite me to you with an indissoluble bond, my dear Dióscoro. Our bodies may part, but my soul will always be with you, venerating, if not the presence, the memory of you.
It has been a long time since my whole being has been stirred by singular imaginations and strange feelings. I lack the courage to talk to you about this. I wouldn’t be able to explain it to you in an impromptu and lively voice. I decide, therefore, to write what I notice in myself; to give an account of my life in a mysterious written confession. I will try to portray myself faithfully, even if I alone, for now, contemplate the portrait. Perhaps you will see him later and recognize me and understand how I am, fate, using unforeseen means, takes me away from you one day. Then I will leave you written to be an indelible trace of our coexistence.
In vain do I strive to draw back or tear the veil that covers the first years of my childhood. I don’t know who my parents were. I don’t know where I was born, although I presume I was born in Malaga. Only the figure of the histrion and itinerant puppeteer who taught me to dance on the maroma, to sing popular songs and to recite verses in streets, squares and markets is presented to my memory in a confused way.

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