El Chacho

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El Chacho is a chronicle, written by Eduardo Gutiérrez, about a character of nineteenth-century Argentina, the “last caudillo of the montonera de los Llanos”.
The figure of Chacho is more adaptable to a novel than to reality. That is why this book is the chronicle of a righteous caudillo, full of feats that extol his courage and his manhood. On the part of Eduardo Gutiérrez there is no political or social pretension. However, we perceive a vision of that time when the power and omnipresence of a man with the nature of Chacho was enough to drag an entire people that did not have a well-defined ideology.

A caudillo
El Chacho has been the only truly prestigious caudillo that the Argentine Republic has had.
That amazing prodigy that made him gather ten thousand men who surrounded him without ever asking him where he was taking them or against whom, had made El Chacho a fearsome personality, who kept all the power of the nation standing, for whole years, without managing to break his influence or cower the brave caudillo.
At his call, the provinces of the interior stood as one man, and without moving from his post, he had at six or eight days 2, 4 or 6 thousand fighting men, ready to obey his will whatever it might be.
The countrymen of La Rioja, Catamarca, Santiago and Mendoza himself surrounded him with true adoration, and the same men of some importance and intelligence accompanied him helping him in all his difficult and rugged undertakings.
El Chacho had no money to keep a company on a war footing.
And yet he raised powerful armies, poorly armed and worse eaten, who were only concerned with pleasing this extraordinary man.
El Chacho had no artillery, but his soldiers made it with leather and wooden cannons, which were served with stone instead of shrapnel, but stone that wreaked barbaric havoc among the troops that pursued it.
He had no spears, but even with nails tied to the end of a stick, his soldiers improvised them and believed themselves invincible. The one who did not have a saber supplied it with a carob trunk turned in his hands into a terrible mallet of weapons, and if the food was missing they ate carob and it was the same.
In this way El Chacho had an army standing with which he made war against the National Government, without there being an example of a single soldier deserting him, because all his soldiers were volunteers and supporters of Peñaloza to the point of fanaticism.
El Chacho was brave about all exaggeration. He was a Juan Moreira, in another field of action, with other means and other inclinations. Generous and good, he wanted nothing for himself: everything was for his troop and for the friends who accompanied him.
For them he had nothing reserved, not even his dagger of gold setting, the only garment he carried with him and that, in better times, his friend General Urquiza gave him.

Fragment of the work

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