Don Pablo de Santamaría and 16 Epistles

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Don Pablo de Santamaría and 16 Epistles (Don Pablo de Santamaría y 16 epístolas) is a notable work by Fernán Pérez de Guzmán, an important writer and biographer who lived in Spain between 1370 and 1460. This collection of epistles provides fascinating portraits of significant political and religious figures of the time, including Pablo de Santamaría, a bishop of Jewish origin who converted to Christianity.
Pablo de Santamaría is introduced at the beginning of this work as a character of profound religious inspiration, whose personal and spiritual journey from his Jewish roots to becoming a respected leader of the Church offers a unique perspective on the intersection of faith, identity, and power in 15th-century Spain. His brief biography forms a central part in this collection of writings, standing out for the depth of its portrayal and the detailed analysis of his life and works.
The 16 epistles that follow Santamaría’s biography are equally noteworthy. Written with a passionate and lively style, they are characterized by keen personal observation and an insistence on truthfulness that is a hallmark of Pérez de Guzmán. Through these letters, Pérez de Guzmán unwittingly portrays various powerful figures of his time, providing rich context on the political and social life of 15th-century Spain.
Fernán Pérez de Guzmán was known for his rejection of the laudatory tendency of the writers of his era, preferring an approach that emphasizes authenticity and accuracy in the portrayal of his subjects. This dedication to truthfulness is reflected in Don Pablo de Santamaría and 16 Epistles, making this work a significant contribution to the epistolary literature of its time.

Don Pablo, bishop of Burgos, was a great wise and courageous man in science. He was a native of Burgos and was a Hebrew, of great lineage of that nation. He was converted by the grace of God and by the knowledge of the truth, that he was great literate in loving the laws. Before his conversion he was a great philosopher and theologian, and since he was converted, continuing the study while at the court of the pope at Avignon, he was born a great preacher. He was first archidian of Treviño, and then bishop of Cartagena, at last, bishop of Burgos, and, later, chancellor of Castile.
There was a very great place with King Don Enrique the third and he was very adept at him; And, no doubt, it was a very great reason that of every discreet king or prince he should be loved, ca was a man of great counsel and of great discretion and of great secrecy, which are virtues and graces that make man worthy of the deprivation of any discreet king. When the said king died, he left him for one of his testamentaries. And then there was a great place with Pope Benedict XIII.
He was a very great preacher. He made some very profitable writings of our faith, of which was one the Additions on Niculaus of Lyra, and a treatise De cena Domini, and another Of the generation of Jesus Christ, and a great volume which is called Scrutiny of the Scriptures, in which, for strong and lively reasons, the Messiah proves to have come, and That being God and man.

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