Don Juan Tenorio

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In Don Juan Tenorio José Zorrilla collected all the previous tradition related to the character of Don Juan, seasoning it with religious and romantic elements. He manages to make of his character a human archetype whose characteristics can hardly be imitated without falling into version or plagiarism.
Don Juan Tenorio becomes a reference of a model of a man facing death, love, chastity and passion. The popularity of his work led José Zorrilla to join the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language in 1882.
Although the character of Don Juan has numerous literary antecedents, the one presented here has a will of a different order. And it seems to us that his figure rises above his own existence.
Don Juan Tenorio is a young gentleman devoted to a wild life of gambling, love affairs and duels. The plot begins with a bet between him and another young man to see who in one year can do more evil with more fortune.
This in turn triggers another, more far-fetched bet, which consists of Don Juan managing to seduce a young novice, Doña Inés, and his friend’s fiancée.
Don Juan, with great skill, achieves everything he sets out to do, but his soul becomes more and more lost. At the end of the play he must literally confront his ghosts. Only the love that the young Ines feels for him is capable of saving him from perishing eternally in hell.

Part I

Act I
Libertinism and scandal

Cristófano Buttarelli’s Inn. Door at the back facing the street: tables, jars and other utensils typical of such a place.

Scene I
Don Juan, wearing a mask, sitting at a table writing. Buttarelli and Ciutti, on one side waiting. As the curtain rises, masks, students, and people with axes, music, etc., are seen passing through the door in the background.

Don Juan: What are those damned people shouting about!
But I’ll be damned if I’m going to
if in concluding the letter
do not pay dearly for their screams!

(He continues writing.)

Butarelli: (To Ciutti.) Good carnival.

Ciutti: (To Buttarelli.) Good August.
to refill the box.

Butarelli: What! Run now for Seville
little taste and a lot of must.
Nor do good fish fall here,
that are poorly regarded houses
by well-to-do people,
and sometimes run over.

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