Disappointment in a Dream

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ISBN paperback: 9788498160574

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Disappointment in a Dream (El desengaño en un sueño) is a fantastic drama in four acts by the Duke of Rivas, Ángel Saavedra, showcasing the life of Lisardo, a young man living on a deserted island in the Mediterranean under the tutelage of his father, the magician Marcolán. Set in the 14th century, the work explores themes such as ambition, love, and fate, showing how the excessive pursuit of power can lead to disillusionment and the loss of true love.
The drama begins in an atmosphere filled with tension and magical elements. The setting, consisting of a mountain of rocks and a rough sea, immediately places us in a world where natural and supernatural forces play a significant role. The cave where Marcolán studies his books and performs his magical rituals serves as a mysterious refuge separating the known world from the unknown.
Lisardo is a complex character who struggles against his destiny. His father, Marcolán, keeps him isolated with the intention of protecting him from a life of misfortune. Nevertheless, the young man yearns to discover what the future holds for him and persuades his father to reveal his fate in dreams. Initially, Lisardo enjoys material and romantic successes, winning the heart of the beautiful Zora. However, his political ambition leads him to attempt to seduce the queen, endangering the pure love he had found.
The drama addresses the duality between fate and free will. Although Marcolán tries to protect Lisardo from the whims of fate, it is the young man’s own unchecked ambition that endangers his happiness. The work also highlights the importance of genuine love over power and ambition. The pure love Lisardo finds in Zora becomes the victim of his irrational desire for power.
Disappointment in a Dream is a fascinating work that takes us through an emotional and spiritual journey. Its rich scenography and complex characters make it a captivating play that forces us to reflect on our own ambitions and desires. The drama teaches us the devastating consequences that can arise when we allow our passions to dominate us, offering a meditation on the dangers of unchecked ambition and the importance of true love.

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