Daylight Pilgrimage

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In Peregrinación de Luz del Día (1871), Juan Bautista Alberdi wonders about the civilization-barbarism dichotomy proposed by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento and ironizes, through the allegorical journey of his hermaphrodite character Luz del Día. The story constitutes an intellectual effort to modernize Argentina and improve the condition of its inhabitants, who yearn for an environment free of oppression.

Of all the tales attributed to the fantasy of the old ladies, none has attracted attention as the tale of an alleged journey of Truth from Europe to the New World and of the funny disenchantments that it suffers there, finding America flooded with certain types and characters from which it was fleeing thoroughly, and for whose main reason it emigrated from the old world.
It is almost a story for the plausible, it is almost a book of moral philosophy for the conceptual, it is almost a book of politics and the world for its maxims and observations. But surely it is nothing more than a fantastic tale, although less fantastic than Hoffmann’s.
Its reading is entertaining and easy because it has no method or logical plan, which enslaves the attention of the busy reader. It has no other order than that of impressions, which occur in the course of a trip or a visit to a new country. But it is something more than what might be called “Travel Impressions of Truth in America”, for they are adventures, experiments, studies of moral zoology so to speak, facts about a society that attracts so much attention from the nineteenth century.
The reason for this is that the Truth went to the New World as an emigrant, with a view to staying there and not as a “tourist”.

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