Daniel Thomas Egerton

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Daniel Thomas Egerton (1797–1842) was a notable British landscape painter, whose work and tragic death make him a peculiar figure in art history. This edition offers a tour of his life and work.

Early career and artistic style

Egerton was an original member of the Society of British Artists and exhibited his work prominently between 1824 and 1840. His ability to capture landscapes and his handling of color are remarkable.

Period in Mexico

The most intriguing stage of Daniel Thomas Egerton’s life took place in Mexico, where he published “Egerton’s Views in Mexico”, a folder of lithographs. His work in Mexico was bold and often unusual in terms of color and architecture. Its views of Guadalajara, Veracruz and the Volcanoes are particularly famous.
Although his color techniques were sometimes incompatible with the canons of the time, this is seen by some as an artistic merit.

Controversy and tragedy

Egerton’s life was marked by controversy and ended in tragedy. After abandoning his family in England, he returned to Mexico with a young woman, and in 1842 both were killed in an apparent robbery, while she was pregnant. The nature of his death has led to speculation and theories, some of which suggest possible links to fraudulent sales in Texas, Masonic orders, or a love triangle.


Daniel Thomas Egerton’s work, especially his depiction of the Mexican landscape, has considerable historical and artistic value. His sometimes whimsical approach and bold color techniques set him apart as an artist. His tragic end and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death add an air of enigma to his figure.
Daniel Thomas Egerton was a talented landscape painter whose work is still studied and admired. His complex life and death and his unique contribution to art make him a memorable figure in nineteenth-century art history.

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