Cuban Ichthyology

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Cuban Ichthyology is a work written by Felipe Poey, a prominent Cuban naturalist and scientist of the nineteenth century. The book focuses on the study and description of the ichthyological fauna, that is, the fish, present in Cuban waters.
In this work, Poey collects and classifies a wide variety of fish species that inhabit the rivers, lakes and seas of Cuba. Make detailed descriptions of each species, including its morphology, habitat, behavior and distinctive characteristics.
In addition to his taxonomic approach, Poey also addresses aspects related to the geographical distribution of fish in Cuba, their ecological importance and their relevance to fisheries and the country’s economy.
Cuban Ichthyology is considered a pioneering work in the study of ichthyology in Cuba and has been fundamental to the knowledge and preservation of the rich diversity of fish species that inhabit Cuban waters.
The work of Felipe Poey has left an important legacy in the field of marine biology and remains a key reference for scholars and lovers of Cuban ichthyological fauna. His dedication and contributions in the study and dissemination of marine life have helped to better understand the richness and importance of aquatic ecosystems in Cuba.

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