Constitutions that Mother Teresa of Jesus gave to the Carmelites

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The Constitutions that Mother Teresa of Jesus gave to the Discalced Carmelites is one of the constitutive texts of the Order of Discalced Carmelites. This text establishes the rules and norms that the nuns of the order must follow in their daily and spiritual life.
Among the topics addressed in this text are the authority of the fathers of the Church and the value of women in that institution.
As for spiritual practices, it is established that Matins should be said after nine o’clock at night and that a quarter of an hour should be devoted to making an examination of conscience about how the day has developed.

Of the order to be had in spiritual things
Matins are said after nine o’clock, and not before, nor so after that they cannot, when they are finished, spend a quarter of an hour examining what they have spent that day on. This examination will be stained; and whom the mother prioress commands, read a little in romance of the mystery to be thought of another day. The time in which this will be spent, so that at the point of eleven o’clock they make a sign with the bell and collect themselves to sleep. This time of examination and prayer have everyone together in the choir. And no sister leaves the choir without a license after the services have begun.
Summer rise at five, and be until six in prayer. In the winter get up at six, and be until seven in prayer. After the prayer, then say the Hours until Nona, unless it is not a solemn day, or holy that the sisters have particular devotion, which they will leave Nona to sing before Mass. On Sundays and feast days mass is sung, and Vespers and Matins. The first days of Easter (and) other days of solemnity may sing Lauds, especially the day of the glorious St. Joseph.
Never be the song by point, but in tone, the voices equal. The ordinary is all prayed and also the Mass, that the Lord will serve some time to earn what is necessary.
Try not to miss any of the choir for a light reason. At the end of the Hours, go to your offices. At eight o’clock in summer, and at nine o’clock in winter, mass is said. Those who receive communion, stay a little in the choir.

Excerpt from the text

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