Constitution of Peru of 1993

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The Constitution of Peru of 1993 is a fundamental document that has had a significant impact on the legal and political structure of the country. Drafted by the Democratic Constituent Congress following the self-coup and subsequent constitutional crisis in 1992, the Constitution was approved through a referendum in 1993, during the government of Alberto Fujimori. Although the results of the referendum have been a subject of controversy, the document serves as the backbone of the Peruvian legal system.
The context in which this Constitution emerged was extremely controversial. In 1992, Alberto Fujimori, then president, dissolved Congress and carried out a self-coup that generated a constitutional crisis in the country. This action led to the convening of a Democratic Constituent Congress that would be responsible for drafting a new Constitution.
The 1993 Constitution introduced several significant changes compared to its predecessor from 1979. One of the most debated aspects has been the legal system and the separation of powers. The text also addresses issues such as human rights, the justice system, and the structure of the State, among others.
It is important to note that the 1993 Constitution has been both praised and criticized. On the one hand, it has provided a legal framework that has endured for decades. On the other, it has been the subject of criticisms due to the circumstances under which it was created and approved, particularly in relation to Fujimori’s government. The results of the 1993 referendum that approved it have been questioned by some sectors, adding another layer of complexity to its legacy.
The Constitution of Peru of 1993 is a complex document that has played a crucial role in the modern history of the country. Although created in a context of political crisis and controversy, it has managed to remain as the foundation of the Peruvian legal system. Its mixed legacy and the ongoing debate about its validity and efficacy reflect the challenges inherent in creating and maintaining a constitutional order in a complex political environment.

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