Constitution of Nicaragua of 1987

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The Constitution of Nicaragua of 1987 was promulgated by the Sandinista government in the midst of the revolution. It is a political document that establishes the fundamental principles of the State of Nicaragua and the rights, duties and guarantees of the Nicaraguan people. It was approved by the National Assembly of Nicaragua on 9 January 1987 and promulgated by the President of the Republic on the same day.


On January 9, 1987, the National Assembly of Nicaragua culminated its constituent work, with the approval of the new “Political Constitution”, which was promulgated by the President of the Republic that same day, in front of the people gathered multitudinously to celebrate the great event.

We have decided to publish his text, because we consider that his knowledge is of singular importance for the peoples of America, for all those who understand that “this is a decisive hour”, it is the hour of Latin America, and it is our duty to walk together every minute of this time and especially for students and scholars of constitutional and political law.

The publication is integrated with the report given at that event, by the President of the National Assembly, Commander of the Revolution Carlos Nuñez Tellez, which reflects — succinctly — the process of constitutional formation. The members of the Council of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF JURISTS, who had the privilege of attending some Open Cabildos and the debate of the National Assembly, verified the vast and effective popular participation, and the depth and polemical character of the discussion of the Constituents. It is necessary to highlight the exemplary political conduct of the SANDINISTA NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT, since having a comfortable majority in the National Assembly, having obtained 67% of the votes in the most crystalline elections in the history of Nicaragua as unanimously certified by more than 300 international observers, far from imposing their position, He sought at all times that each of the articles of the Magna Carta were the product of the greatest possible consensus of the other political forces represented.
The Sandinista Revolution’s vocation for legitimacy has been repeatedly revealed, in dramatic contrast to the aggression promoted, stimulated, financed and organized by the US government. Support in the law is a constant of the action of the government of Nicaragua, both internally and externally. On the other hand, the U.S. it flouts the judgments of the International Court of Justice and the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, international law and its own domestic law.
With the conviction that in Nicaragua the destiny of all our peoples is at stake, the right to their self-determination, and that “nothing that happens in Latin America should be strange for a Latin American, every bullet fired in our continent is an aggression against everyone, and our greatest duty then is solidarity.” In fulfillment of this duty of solidarity and the struggle for the progress of law, justice and freedom, we carry out this edition.


Informs the people of Nicaragua that the National Constituent Assembly has consulted with the people, discussed and approved the following Political Constitution:


WE, Representatives of the People of Nicaragua, gathered in the National Constituent Assembly,
EVOKING the struggle of our indigenous ancestors.
The spirit of Central American unity and the combative tradition of our people that, inspired by the example of General JOSÉ DOLORES ESTRADA, ANDRÉS CASTRO and ENMANUEL MONGALO, defeated the filibuster domination and the US intervention in the National War.
The anti-interventionist deed of BENJAMÍN ZELEDÓN.
To the General of Free Men, Augusto César Sandino, Father of the Popular and Anti-imperialist Revolution.
The heroic action of RIGOBERTO LÓPEZ PÉREZ indicator of the beginning of the end of the dictatorship.
The example of CARLOS FONSECA, the highest continuator of Sandino’s legacy, founder of the Sandinista National Liberation Front and Head of the Revolution.
To all the generations of Heroes and Martyrs who forged and developed the liberation struggle for national independence.
ON BEHALF of the Nicaraguan people; of all democratic, patriotic and revolutionary parties and organizations in Nicaragua; of its men and women; of its workers and peasants; of his glorious youth; of their heroic mothers; of Christians who, from their faith in God, have committed themselves and inserted themselves in the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed; of its patriotic intellectuals; and of all those who with their productive work contribute to the defense of the Fatherland.
Of those who struggle and offer their lives in the face of imperialist aggression to guarantee the happiness of the new generations.
FOR the institutionalization of the conquests of the Revolution and the construction of a new society that eliminates all kinds of exploitation and achieves the economic, political and social equality of Nicaraguans and absolute respect for human rights.

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