Constitution of Ecuador of 1869

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The Constitution of Ecuador of 1869 was the eighth constitution of Ecuador, in force in the country during the period from 1869 to 1876, being later replaced by the Constitution of 1878 . The Constitution of 1869 was drafted and proposed by Gabriel García Moreno, which he submitted to a constitutional referendum. It was approved by the people with a resounding YES.
The Constitution contains thirteen titles, in addition to transitional provisions, comprising a total of 117 articles.
Among its main features are

  • a six-year presidential term,
  • denial of freedom of worship,
  • excessive powers on the part of the executive function,
  • Change in the parameters to be a citizen
  • and a longer term of legislators.

It also allowed security forces to enter any home. It established the death penalty for political crimes and the limitation of presidential terms to six years, among others. Its illiberal character caused it to be popularly baptized as “Black Card”.
In some ways, the Black Carta was one of the causes of the general discontent that erupted on August 6, 1875. Ending with the bloody execution of García Moreno.
García Moreno died on August 6, 1875, at the hands of one of his most bitter enemies: Faustino Lemus Rayo. The disappearance of the figure of García Moreno marked the beginning of the weakening of conservative hegemony in the country.
His successor was Antonio Borrero, who belonged to the Progressive Party. At first he maintained good relations with the liberals, but his refusal to reform the Black Carta caused both sides to break relations. The Liberals then supported General Ignacio de Veintimilla in his attempted coup d’état.
The triumph of this coup brought Veintimilla to power, first as Supreme Chief and then, after approving a new Constitution, as constitutional President.

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