Conservative Thought of Latin America

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Conservative Thought of Latin America (Pensamiento conservador de Latinoamérica) is a meticulous compilation curated by the renowned historians José Luis Romero and Luis Alberto Romero, which brings together the most representative voices of conservative thought in Latin America during the nineteenth century. The book is structured by country and in chronological order, allowing the reader to follow the evolution and peculiarities of conservatism in each Latin American territory during this crucial period.
It includes contributions from key figures in the process of independence and formation of nation states, such as Simón Bolívar and José Antonio Páez in Venezuela, Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia in Paraguay and Pedro I in Brazil, providing a valuable testimony of the challenges involved in maintaining stability and order in the midst of the convulsive processes of independence.
In addition, the book brings together texts by prominent intellectual and political leaders of independent states, such as Miguel Antonio Caro in Colombia, Gabriel García Moreno in Ecuador, Diego Portales in Chile and Lucas Alamán in Mexico. These figures represent diverse conservative approaches and their influence in defining the course of their respective nations is indisputable.
The work also dives into controversial figures such as Juan Manuel de Rosas in Argentina, whose historical interpretation is still debated today. This inclusion underscores the Romeros’ intention to provide a comprehensive and nuanced view of conservative thinking in the region.

Conservative Thought of Latin America, compiled by José Luis Romero and Luis Alberto Romero, is a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the political history of Latin America. This work, by collecting a broad spectrum of influential conservative ideas in the region, becomes essential reading to better understand the historical events and currents of thought that have shaped Latin America.

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