Complete poetry of José Lezama Lima II

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788411268165
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411268172

This second volume of the Complete Poetry of José Lezama Lima contains the following books:

  • Giver, appeared in 1960
  • Fragments to its magnet, published in 1976

and the Poems not published in book. These works cover the last stages of the author’s literary intellectual evolution, as well as his posthumous poems.
In this new stage, the poet assumes a new role: that of giver, the one who delivers. If before it was the poet who sought to possess, now the reverse process happens. Here the poet offers another beauty that does not reside precisely in the flow but in a kind of roughness in the transit of the images, given by their non-contemplative but transforming character.
Giver is one of the attributes of the Holy Spirit, giver of happiness, of supernature. The poet is also the giver of access to the fullness of the poetic image in a world in which, according to his beliefs, resurrection is achieved through poetry.
And so, we come to Fragments to its magnet, the latest book by Lezama Lima. The fragments —the poems— are the last pieces of the puzzle that come to complete the entire poetic cosmos Lezamiano.
The first thing that surprises us about this work, in relation to his previous works, is the notable decrease in poetic hermeticism and its expressive complexity. Without abandoning the mystical and pantheistic impulse of his early period, the poems in this collection seem to emerge from a closer biographical situation.
Lezama invokes three worlds in Fragments to his imam :

  • On the one hand, the daily battle of the writer under Castro’s Cuba.
  • On the other, the family: his deceased mother, his wife María Luisa Bautista, to whom the notebook is dedicated, his sister Eloísa Lezama Lima and his friends: Fina García Marruz, José Triana, Reynaldo González, Reinaldo Arenas, Víctor Manuel, Juan David, Virgilio Piñera, Luis Martínez Pedro, Octavio Paz and María Zambrano.
  • the emptiness of existence.

From Death of Narcissus to Fragments to its Magnet, his poetry places the reader in the very moment of creation. In the first stage, the choice of innovative writing is proposed. Next, he immerses himself in the experience of his poetic system (second stage); and finally opts for communicative openness (third epoch).
In the same way that Narciso immerses himself in the mirror of his image, the poetry of José Lezama Lima crosses the mirror to build his own poetic universe.

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