Colloquium with Juan Ramón Jiménez

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The Colloquium with Juan Ramón Jiménez is the first essay published by José Lezama Lima. It appeared in 1938, in the Revista Cubana, and years later in Lezama’s book of essays Analecta del reloj.
The Colloquium begins with a note from Jiménez in which he states that:

“In the opinions that José Lezama Lima forces me to write with his plethoric pen, there are ideas and words that I recognize as mine and others that I do not.”

This book was originally a dialogue. It is based on an interview made by Lezama to Jiménez during his stay in Cuba, in November 1936, in his exile due to the Spanish Civil War. Apart from the fact that it contains separate parliaments for the two interlocutors (indicated by the initials “J. R. J.” and the reference “I”), it is not possible to discern which passages of the text have one or the other author.
Lezama establishes his theme of reflection very early. The first question of the Colloquium and Lezama’s ideas that follow indicate this:

“Have you not perceived certain elements of sensitivity […], which make us think of the possibility of ‘insularism’?”

“I wish to state that I ask the question in a chamber where poetry floats, that the question is addressed to a poet whose answer would always fabricate clarity. The answer that a sociologist or a statesman might give would not interest us now.”

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