Codex Tudela

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The Codex Tudela is a significant and intricate work that offers a glimpse into the 16th-century Aztec world and its encounter with European culture. It is the second most important piece in the Museo de América’s collection, following the Mayan Codex Tro-Cortesiano. Acquired by Spain’s National Ministry of Education in 1948, it belonged to the Mínguez family of La Coruña until 1947. The codex is named after José Tudela de la Orden, who introduced it to the academic world in 1947.

Physical Characteristics:
The codex is well-preserved but incomplete, made of European thread-lined paper and bound with cardboard covers wrapped in parchment. It measures 18 × 25 cm and currently contains 119 folios, originally having 125.

Content and Structure:

  • The Codex Tudela is notable for its tripartite structure, comprising an Indigenous Book,
  • a European Written Book,
  • and a European Painted Book, offering a syncretic view of Mexica culture and European influence.

Cultural and Historical Value:
The Codex Tudela is a mestizo work reflecting the collision and fusion of two worlds, documenting Aztec religion and rituals and how these were perceived by Europeans. It stands as a cultural monument embodying the complexity of Mexico’s colonial history.

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