Codex Duran

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The Codex Duran, also known as “History of the Indies of New Spain and Islands of the Mainland,” is a 16th-century masterpiece by Dominican friar Diego Durán. Completed in 1581 in Hueyapan, it offers a window into the pre-Hispanic past, focusing on the history of the Mexica people. This codex chronicles the Mexica’s journey from Aztlán to their defeat by the Spanish conquerors under Hernán Cortés, distinguished by its meticulous detail. The manuscript is divided into historical, ritual, and calendrical sections, detailing Mexica religious practices and their calendar system. Currently housed in the National Library of Madrid, it was first published between 1867 and 1880. The Codex Duran is both a historical record and an interpretive work, essential for those interested in pre-Hispanic Mexican history.

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