Codex Borgia

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This new edition of the Codex Borgia is presented as a meticulous and respectful effort to introduce contemporary readers to one of the most enigmatic and fascinating treasures of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica. Originating from the region now known as Puebla or Tlaxcala, this codex, consisting of 76 pages or plates, has witnessed centuries of history, from its creation in the pre-Hispanic period to its eventual arrival in Europe.
The name “Borgia” comes from Cardinal Stefano Borgia, an 18th-century scholar and collector, who had this codex as part of his collection in Europe. Beyond being a mere collector, Cardinal Borgia was a key figure in the preservation and study of ancient manuscripts and artifacts, and it is thanks to his collection that this invaluable document was preserved and studied in Europe.
The Codex Borgia stands out for its rich iconography. The images it contains are vibrant and detailed, depicting ritual scenes, deities, omens, and astronomical representations. These images are not only aesthetically impressive but also offer a deep insight into the worldview and religious beliefs of the Nahua peoples of the time.
In this edition, each plate has been reproduced with fidelity, preserving the vibrancy of its colors and the precision of its details. Accompanied by a balanced academic analysis, this edition provides context and understanding, avoiding extreme interpretations and offering a balanced view that respects the cultural complexity of the document.
For those looking for an introduction to the world of Mesoamerican codices, this edition of the Codex Borgia is a wise choice. And for those already familiar, it offers an opportunity for rediscovery, enriched by a high-quality presentation and analysis. In summary, this edition achieves a balance between historical authenticity and contemporary accessibility, making the Codex Borgia a living and relevant work for the 21st century.

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