Codex Aubin

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The Codex Aubin, also known as the 1576 manuscript, is a historical gem that narrates the Mexica people’s history from their migration from Aztlán in the 12th century to the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. Consisting of 81 folios, it combines images and Nahuatl text, depicting journeys, the founding of Tenochtitlan, agricultural cycles, royal lineage, and other significant events. Its authorship is unknown, believed to be by multiple Mexica scribes and painters over the years. The codex, covering history from 1168 to 1607, is named after Joseph Marius Alexis Aubin, a collector who acquired it for his collection of Aztec works. It’s currently housed in the British Museum in London. The Aubin Codex is unique for its continuous yearly count and detailed coverage of Mexica history, reflecting Spanish colonial influence while maintaining traditional Mexica characteristics.

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