Clock Analect

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Paperback ISBN: 9788499534909
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Clock Analect (Analecta del reloj) is a collection of essays by renowned Cuban poet and novelist José Lezama Lima, first published in 1953. The title, Clock Analect, suggests a collection of thoughts or fragments, similar to the Analects of Confucius, from which the term “analecta” is derived.
This book, characteristic of Lezama Lima’s style, stands out for its baroque and complex prose, full of metaphors and allusions. The essays that make up this collection are:

  • “Garcilaso’s secret”
  • “Colloquium with Juan Ramón Jiménez”
  • “Julian del Casal”
  • “About Paul Valéry”
  • “Chesterton’s medieval imagination”
  • “The possible images”
  • “Servant of Don Luis de Góngora”
  • “Exams”
  • “Interviewed”
  • “Doctrine of the anemone”
  • “Unfaithful couples”
  • “Death of Joyce”
  • “Fulfillment of Mallarmé (1842-1942)”
  • “One hundred more years for Quevedo”
  • “Picasso’s cautions”
  • “Knowledge of Salvation”
  • “The poetic act and Valéry”
  • “Of poetic use”
  • “Calderón and the character world”
  • “Prose of circumstance for Mallarmé”
  • “Montaigne and his best readers”
  • “Carnival of the blonde glucinium”

These essays explore key concepts of Lezama’s poetic system such as temporality, history, and human experience, all seen through the author’s unique, poetry-infused perspective.
Lezama Lima’s work has often been interpreted as an effort to plumb the depths of reality and human experience through language and poetry, and Clock Analect is no exception. The book presents a labyrinthine world of thought where past, present, and future interact in intricate ways.
Analecta del reloj can be seen as a reflection on Lezama Lima’s own intellectual journey and his attempt to dissect the essence of time, among other topics. The author poses provocative questions, offers perspectives, and leads the reader toward a deeper understanding of literary existence and consciousness.
Despite the complexity of Lezama Lima’s work, Analecta del reloj is a beloved read for those who enjoy exploring complex philosophical concepts and are willing to immerse themselves in his dense, allusive prose. The book is a testament to the author’s intellectual power and ability to intertwine philosophy, poetry and prose in a unique and evocative way.

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