Chronicle of Peru

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490075609
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411267724
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788498167658

The Chronicle of Peru is the first account of the exploration and conquest of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, as well as the first history of the Andean world that begins in pre-Hispanic times. It was written by Pedro Cieza de León commissioned by Pedro de la Gasca (peacemaker of Peru, after the revolts and rebellions unleashed by Gonzalo Pizarro and his followers).
The first part of the Chronicle of Peru was written between 1540 and 1550. It was published in Seville in 1553 with a print run of 1,100 copies and the following year it was necessary to make a new edition, corrected in Antwerp. However, its author, Pedro Cieza, died on July 2, 1554, and the rest of the work remained unpublished. In the Proemio of the first part of his Chronicle, Cieza explains the causes that made him write this book.
The Chronicle of Peru is divided into four parts published by Linkgua in independent volumes:

  • First part of the Chronicle of Peru. It is an introduction to the work in general. Description and account of lands and peoples, with details of their customs and traditions; being an ethnographic document of Native Americans, their religion and economy, their beliefs and organization.
  • Second part. Of the lordship of the Yupung yngas. It deals with the history of the Incas and the dynasties of Ancient Peru.
  • Third part. Of the discovery and conquest of this kingdom of Peru.
  • Part four. Civil wars of Peru. Cieza intended to write five books for this quarter of his work, however, only the first three are known (Guerra de Las Salinas, Guerra de Chupas and Guerra de Quito). It deals with the civil wars between the conquerors of Peru.

Edition by Carmelo Sáenz de Santa María.

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