Chronicle of New Spain

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Francisco Cervantes de Salazar wrote the Chronicle of New Spain around 1560, commissioned by King Philip II. However, it remained unpublished until 1914. This work stands out for its data on the native indigenous cultures, of great anthropological value, and for the vision it offers on the conquest and the exploits of Hernán Cortés.

  • In addition to his closeness to Mexican culture, Cervantes de Salazar had the following as references for this book
  • the Cartas de relación, by Cortés himself,
  • the General History of the Indies and the Conquest of Mexico by Francisco López de Gómara
  • and undoubtedly had to consult the Letters of Relation that Hernán Cortés sent to the kings of Spain.

The only manuscript we have is divided into six books, the last of which is incomplete.
Linkgua Ediciones has published the work of Cervantes de Salazar in two volumes.

  • The first comprises Book I to Book III. In the second volume we find books IV to VI.
  • In the first, Cervantes de Salazar describes the nature, terrain and customs of the city.
  • For the next two books, the chronicles take on a slightly more political tinge. The second book begins with the discovery of New Spain and tells the story of Cortés’ first contact with Moctezuma. But this does not mean that it abandons its descriptive character, for in the following chapters and books, Cervantes de Salazar writes about the lands and buildings that Cortés saw when he arrived at the Mexica cities.

Francisco Cervantes de Salazar (Toledo, c. 1513-1518-Mexico City, November 14, 1575) began his studies in Salamanca, completing his academic training in Flanders and Italy. He was appointed secretary to the president of the Council of the Indies and moved to Mexico, where he wrote the Chronicle of New Spain.
He held the chair of rhetoric at the recently created Mexican University, earning a doctorate in Theology. He was ordained a priest and obtained a canonry in the cathedral until his death.
Cervantes de Salazar was one of the most important Spanish intellectuals based in the viceroyalty of New Spain, his work was always linked to the intellectual current of European Renaissance humanism.

Edited by Manuel Magallón.

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