Centon Epistolary III

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Domingo del Monte was a Cuban writer and literary critic. His work Centón epistolario (1823-1857), collects the correspondence received throughout his life and ordered by himself. This material offers essential data on Cuban political and literary history of the years 1822-1843 and constitutes one of the most exceptional, original anduseful works of Cuban intellectual history. El Centón was published in seven volumes between 1923 and 1957 by the Academy of Cuban History. It brings together nearly 2,000 letters from personalities from different parts of the world. It was published by Domingo Figarola-Caneda (he published the first three volumes), under the name of Centón Epistolario de Domingo del Monte.
Domingo del Monte was part of the group of creators of the Cuban Literary Academy and director of the Revista Bimestre de la Isla de Cuba (1831-1843), where he published a small part of his extensive literary production. He was also editor of La Moda o Recreo semanal del bello sexo in 1829 and El puntero literario, in 1830, and a member of the Economic Society of Friends of the Country, being Secretary of the Literature Section in 1830.

Mr. D. Domingo del Monte
Supplied to Mr. Ant.º Gutierrez
Matanzas and January 7, 1841

My dearest Del Monte.
I refer to V. a copy of the poems of Miguel Tolon, entitled: The Preludes. Although there are but twelve compositions, these are generally written with such harmonious versification and lively style, that I do not doubt that they please V. as all who have read them. I think I have told V. on other occasions how well-founded hopes for Cuban poetry I have conceived when reading the productions of this kind and judicious young man. He does not yet have, nor is it possible that he has, sufficient instruction to characterize him as a great writer, but there is a spark in him, there is healthy taste; And these requirements, aided by application and constancy, may one day lead him to the perfection which so many long for. Kindly read this short volume, and tell me what idea V. has formed of the verses and of the one who composed them. I will read this critical judgment to himself, and I hope that V.’s counsels will contribute more powerfully than mine to lead him down the right path, hindering him from going astray.
I have known that V. has moved from Havana Street and that he lives for Christ: for that reason and because I judge that V. is very busy with the railway, his long silence is not striving.
Pongame V. to the p.s (q.b.) of Rosita, with a thousand affections to the boys and dispose V. of the heart of his spre. inv.le am.o.

J. Jacinto Milanes

May V. have liked my dramatic pictures!

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