Catauro de cubanismos

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Catauro de cubanismos is a classic work by the prominent Cuban ethnographer, anthropologist and linguist Fernando Ortiz. This piece is not only a compilation of Cuban words and expressions, but also offers an in-depth analysis of how these expressions and words reflect Cuba’s unique history and culture.
In this book, Ortiz highlights the linguistic miscegenation of the Spanish language in Cuba, bearing witness to the impact of diverse cultures and languages that have coexisted on the island, including Spanish, African, and English, as well as Taíno, the language of the island’s indigenous inhabitants prior to Spanish colonization.
Catauro de cubanismos is considered an essential text for anyone interested in the study of Cuban Spanish, ethnography and linguistics in general. In addition to being a compendium of Cuban terms and phrases, the book offers a unique insight into Cuban culture, presented with the acuity and erudition that characterize Fernando Ortiz.
It is an anthology in which each term and expression is also a glimpse into the idiosyncrasy of the island, a journey into the past and present of the Cuban people. His reading is, without a doubt, a fascinating journey through the paths of Cuban culture.

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