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Cánovas is the sixth and final novel of the fifth and final series of the National Episodes of Benito Pérez Galdós.
In 1874 Alfonso XII was proclaimed king against the Carlists and Republicans, and the following year the Third Carlist War ended. In this political environment, the protagonist Tito abandons his continuous love affairs and settles down with Casiana Conejo, a young woman of very modest origin, illiterate, but with excellent skills to learn, whose sweet and simple character captivates the old donjuán. Our hero is accusing a disease that causes blindness (in clear allusion to Galdós himself), which makes him more dependent. The problem for Tito is that his exalted imagination plays tricks on him, and he never knows if the events he lives are real or imaginary. Unlike previous episodes, Mariclío, the older woman who symbolizes Spain, does not appear directly, but communicates through messenger nymphs called Ephemeras. Precisely Galdós predicts through Mariclío a disastrous future, warns of the threat of the Church on national sovereignty and points to the Revolution as the only remedy.
In the series’ farewell, the episode is the saddest, blackest, and most skeptical of them all. With the Republicans in exile, Galdós, through Tito, sees the rise of the influence of the ultraconservatives of Antonio Cánovas del Castillo and the church in Spanish politics, and notes with bitterness that the defeat of the Carlists has not helped, since in any case they have imposed their ideals surreptitiously. The final message is pessimistic: in Cánovas Galdós he sees no solution to so much confrontation and doubts the ability of politicians to solve society’s problems.

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