Brief description of trips made in America

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Manuel Almagro y Vega participated with Marcos Jiménez de la Espada in the Scientific Commission of the Pacific. This was a Spanish expedition that left for the Pacific Ocean on August 10, 1862 from the port of Cádiz. This brief description of the trips made in America written by the Cuban anthropologist Manuel Almagro testifies to that trip.
The squadron was formed by the frigates Nuestra Señora del Triunfo, the Resolution and the schooner Covadonga. They stopped in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, skirted the coast of Brazil and arrived in Uruguay.
There the expedition split into two groups, one going inland to the west. Meanwhile, the other (that of Jiménez de la Espada) continued by sea crossing the Strait of Magellan, to meet again with his companions in Chile. From there the expedition explored the coast of Peru, Central America, Mexico and California and returned to Peru.
At that time began the Spanish-South American war of Spain against Peru and Chile, which aborted the scientific expedition. The ships joined a squadron of warships, led by the frigate La Numancia, and ended up participating in war operations.
Benito Pérez Galdós collected this epic in his novel La vuelta al mundo en la Numancia, from his National Episodes.
After the war began, Jiménez de la Espada; the young zoologist Francisco de Paula Martínez y Sáez; Almagro and the botanist Juan Isern Battló, continued the expedition on foot on dry land.
Thus began the so-called Great Voyage, which is also related in this Brief Description of the Journeys made in America. The expedition crossed the continent, from Ecuador to the mouth of the Amazon River.

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