Brief Relation of the Gods and Rites of Gentility

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490076934

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One of the first examples of religious who sought to emphasize the fact that the Indians still practiced idolatry, at a time when it was considered that all were already Catholic was Pedro Ponce with his work Brief Relation of the Gods and Rites of Gentility (Breve relación de los dioses y ritos de la gentilidad). It warns about everyday aspects of the Zumpango Indians in the archbishopric of Mexico.
The writing of this work could be between 1575 and 1626 which are the years in which Ponce was secular clergy of that place. It is a short text that among other things speaks of the doctors of the Indians, of the surgeons who heal and to do so they use invocations, those who drive away bad weather and some other topics.
This Brief Relation of the Gods and Rites of Gentility is surprising for its impartiality and precision. Unlike other chronicles, here the Indian customs are described by Pedro Ponce. in its context without derogatory comparisons, nor a “Christian” perspective.

Edited by Francisco del Paso y Troncoso.

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