Breviary of the New World

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ISBN NFT: 9788411268370
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Breviary of the New World is an anthology by Alexander of Humboldt. In it we collect the texts he wrote during his trip, accompanied by the French naturalist Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland, between 1799 and 1804.
Despite being the first geographer and historian of Spanish America, the German baron did not have among his objectives to travel the equinoctial America. Nor did he plan to visit the viceroyalty of New Granada which, however, dazzled him.
The purpose of visiting Latin America and the writing of this Breviary of the New World, arises when his idea of exploring the African continent fails. In 1799 he went to Spain in order to request the necessary permits to reach America.
Throughout the journey through the New Continent, Bonpland and Humboldt collected numerous plants and studied more than a thousand species. Humboldt was also interested in the geographical and altitudinal distribution of plants. He profiled maps of the distribution of various plant associations and collected these data in this New World Breviary.
In his travels he discovered the ecological principle of the relationship between latitude and altitude. Humboldt discovered that climbing a mountain in the tropics is analogous to traveling from the equator north or south. Being demonstrable, in terms of climate and vegetation.

Translation by Marta Traba.

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