Book of the Life and Customs of Don Alonso Enríquez de Guzmán

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The Book of the Life and Customs of Don Alonso Enríquez de Guzmán, noble knight disrupted has first-hand testimonies of the vicissitudes of the Conquest of Peru and the wars between the Pizarro brothers and Diego de Almagro. Alonso Enríquez de Guzmán traveled to America at a very young age. Upon his return to Spain, the political landscape cleared and his status improved with the money brought from the Indies, Alonso Enríquez de Guzmán retired from political life and wrote this autobiographical work. This narrative of Book of the Life and Customs of Don Alonso Enríquez de Guzmán anticipates some of the ingredients of the Spanish picaresque of the Golden Age.

Sentence against Hernando Pizarro
This is a letter I wrote to the Prince of Spain our Lord of Seville on June 23, 1545; and another successive one after it for the Royal Council of the Indies of the author of this book on the things happened in the Indies, as you will see from them
This letter is written by the author of this book to the Royal Council of the Indies, of which the Most Reverend Cardinal and Archbishop of Seville Don Fray García de Loaisa is president, and Dr. Bernal, Bishop of Calahorra, and Gutierre Velázquez, Licentiate, and Mr. Salmerón and Mr. Gregorio López, auditors
Here you let you know how new wine to this city of Seville was born the infante Don Carlos of Spain and as for joy among other parties that the cabildo and city council of this city arranged commissioned me to keep a ring and put this poster, as I put, in 18 days of the month of July of 1545 years. And two days onwards, placed with much rejoicing and solemnity, pomp and authority, came the sad news as the princess her mother our lady was dead. And the fabrics of gold and silks of color that I for this and many to play reeds that three days before were to come out, became mourning and fulfilled the saying that “There is no laughter without weeping” in this sad life and pleasure without sadness, until we go to the other that is endless and all glory, so I swear to go to it. And the party ceased and not the sign to put here for many reasons. Which is the following:
This is a letter that the author of this book wrote to Prince our Lord at the request and recommendation of Pero Mejía and a book that he made as it is contained.

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