Book of Bird Hunting

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Between 1385 and 1386, during the fifteen months he was imprisoned in the castle of Óbidos, after the battle of Aljubarrota, the chancellor Pero López de Ayala wrote the Book of the hunting of birds, the most famous and widespread Spanish book of falconry of all time.
He wrote it because:

“In this art and science of bird hunting today I saw many doubts […] and therefore it is fitting to work so as not to be idle to put in this little book all that is most true.”

The Book of Bird Hunting consists of three fundamental parts. The first, comprising chapters I-VII and XLI-XLV, speaks in detail of the various birds of prey; It begins by describing and differentiating authentic birds of prey from those that are not, to continue with the description of the species used in hunting and their geographical distribution.

From every day men saw how, naturally, some birds take others and feed on them, and such birds are called birds of prey: just as they are eagles, goshawks, hawks, hawks, smerejones, alcotanes and others.
And these said birds, save the eagle, never eat any other flesh except of birds which they themselves take and hunt; but the eagle when he cannot take or hunt any bird of which he is accustomed to take or hunt, returns to take hare, or rabbit, or small lamb, and even comes to the dead dog, for the great gluttony that there is in it.
And there are, also, other birds that sometimes feed on the birds they take, but commonly their viands are carnes of dead beasts, as are the butcher crows, who often take live birds, but their natural hunting is the carnage of dead beasts and from that they have their maintenance.
There are also other birds that are counted among the raptors and take and hunt live birds, and likewise take and feed on mice and such things that are bred on land; And among them are the atahormas and budalones and harriers.
In all birds of prey, females are larger than males.
And there are other birds that their maintenance is only of carnage, and do not take live birds, as well as vultures, abantos, bearded vultures.
There are other birds that are kept by butchers, earthworms and fruits, as well as crows, picazas, and others.
There are also other birds that are kept in seed, as well as bustards, cranes, partridges, pigeons, turtledoves, birds.
And there are also other birds that are kept fish, as well as osprey and gannets and other seabirds. And there are other birds that walk the banks of the waters and their maintenance is small fish and worms that are raised in the water and outside, in the grasses; They are mallards, swans, geese and others.
So, there are many ways and diversities and different feedings, but of all the birds the cleanest are those that only feed and keep live birds, and every time they want to bait they take live bird, and since they have been baited they do not take care of what is left and even if the next day they find it, They only worry about looking for and hunting another live bird to eat. And these are goshawks and hawks, hawks, smerejones, alcotanes.

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